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Stephanie Trovato

Contributing Writer

Stephanie Trovato is an experienced marketer and content expert in the B2B space with a background in international trade and marketing analytics. A multi-channel storyteller and strategist with over a decade of copywriting and content marketing experience, Stephanie's expertise spans the marketing, technology, SaaS, eCommerce, and workplace management industries. Her work has been featured on many industry-leading sites, including Oracle, Evernote, HubSpot, Investopedia, and Forbes, as well as dozens of business websites.


BS International Trade & Marketing, Fashion Institute of Technology.

Latest Articles

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Your Dream Career Begins Here: Get Started Today

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The Pocket Guide to SAT Success: Core Strategies & Killer Secrets on the Way to 1600

The Pocket Guide to SAT Success: Core Strategies & Killer Secrets on the Way to 1600

This comprehensive guide is designed to help students and families master the SAT with confidence. With expert insights, tailored strategies, and handpicked tools to streamline your prep, you’re on the path to higher scores and brighter college prospects.

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