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Scholarships and Grants for Online Business Students

Scholarships and Grants for Online Business Students

Getting an online business degree can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be. Scholarships and grants can reduce the price of your education and ease financial stress. To make your education more affordable, check out these 30 scholarships for online business students.

While an online business degree might be more affordable than an in-person one, it’s still a big expense. Fortunately, it’s not a bill you have to pay alone. 87% of students use financial aid, such as grants and scholarships, to pay for part (or all) of their degree.

Scholarships are financial awards given by private organizations, governments, or colleges. They are awarded based on merit, financial need, and other factors specified by each scholarship committee. Grants are similar, though they usually involve a future commitment from the awardee, such as community service hours or enrolling in certain courses. 

In this guide, we’ll review 30 scholarships and grants you can apply for right now. These scholarships are specifically for business students, making them a great fit for you.

30 Scholarships and Grants for Business Students

As promised, we researched different scholarships and grants available to business students and have outlined all the details below. 

When looking through the list, note the criteria and eligibility requirements. For example, some scholarships are only available through a specific university, and you may not be eligible. If you meet all of the criteria for a particular scholarship, you increase your chances of receiving financial aid.

  • General Scholarships for Business Students

    Bill Pollard Jr. Scholarship

    • Amount: $1,000
    • Description & eligibility: This one-time award provides academic funding to a Tracy High School senior in San Joaquin County. Applicants should be interested in pursuing a business degree. 
    • Deadline: Announced November 2023

    CALG Scholarship

    • Amount: $1,000
    • Description & eligibility: Applicants should be from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg metropolitan and pursuing a degree in business with coursework in human resources. They should also already be enrolled in a business program with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. 
    • Deadline: October 23, 2023

    Cherry Hawk Scholarship

    • Amount: $5,000
    • Description & eligibility: Each year, the committee awards this scholarship to a high school senior in Southern California who is interested in pursuing a degree in sports management or sports marketing. 
    • Deadline: January 31, 2024

    Curtis E. Huntington Memorial Scholarship

    • Amount: $3,000
    • Description & eligibility: Undergraduate business students who are interested in becoming an actuary are eligible for this degree. This means a student should be enrolled in a program that studies actuarial science, business economics, finance, or a related field when they apply for the scholarship.
    • Deadline: March 31, 2024

    Future Technology Workforce Leaders and Visionaries (F12) Scholarship

    • Amount: $250-$1,000
    • Description & Eligibility: Current high school seniors in specific South Carolina counties who are interested in a degree in information technology or a related business field are invited to apply. 
    • Deadline: November 4, 2023

    John Galt Solutions Scholarship for Future Supply Chain Leaders

    • Amount: $10,000
    • Description & eligibility: Two students pursuing a business degree related to supply chain management are chosen each year for this $10,000 scholarship. Applicants should be current undergraduate students. 
    • Deadline: November 30, 2023 (TBD for 2024)

    JVS Chicago Scholarships

    • Amount: $4,000
    • Description & eligibility: Chicago area high school seniors who are Jewish are eligible for scholarships from JVS Chicago. While there are scholarships for many major types, this organization has a specific one for business majors.
    • Deadline: February 1, 2024

    LRAEF Scholars

    • Amount: Varies
    • Description & eligibility: Louisiana Restaurant Association Education Foundation awards annual scholarships to graduate and undergraduate students. Applicants should be current students pursuing a business degree with an interest in culinary arts or hospitality. 
    • Deadline: February 2, 2024

    Material Handling Education Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

    • Amount: $1,500-$6,000
    • Description & eligibility: Currently enrolled undergraduate students who are pursuing a business degree related to supply chain management or material handling may apply. Over 50 scholarships are awarded each year, ranging from $1,500 to $6,000.
    • Deadline: January 31, 2024

    Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship Program

    • Amount: $5,000
    • Description & eligibility: Employees of roofing industry companies and their children are eligible for this scholarship, should they wish to pursue an undergraduate degree in business management or construction management. 
    • Deadline: January 31, 2024

    Mildred C. Hanson SIOR Memorial Scholarship

    • Amount: $8,000
    • Description & eligibility: Female undergraduate students enrolled in a business degree related to real estate, business, or finance are eligible. They should also be interested in pursuing a career in commercial real estate. 
    • Deadline: November 3, 2023

    Modeling the Future of Change

    • Amount: Up to $60,000
    • Description & eligibility: Each year, the Actuarial Foundation hosts a competition for high school students related to analyzing risks and providing recommendations based on data set models. Competitors can win up to $60,000 in scholarships. 
    • Deadline: Opens fall 2024

    Ohio Soybean Council Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships

    • Amount: $3,000 or $5,000
    • Description & eligibility: Seven scholarships are distributed to current college students in Ohio pursuing a degree related to agricultural business or agricultural studies. Six are for $3,000 and one is for $5,000.
    • Deadline: January 12, 2024

    Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship

    • Amount: $2,000-$10,000
    • Description & eligibility: This award supports current business majors who are interested in a career in fraud prevention. The award amount varies from $2,000-$10,000 and includes annual membership to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. 
    • Deadline: February 5, 2024

    Robert D. Shapiro Memorial Scholarship for Academic Excellence

    • Amount: $12,500
    • Description & eligibility: Current undergraduates who are majoring in a field related to actuarial studies and who intend to become an actuary upon graduation are eligible. Each year, the committee selects 3-5 awardees based on academic merit and extracurriculars. 
    • Deadline: March 1, 2024

    San Joaquin Society for Human Resource Management Scholarship

    • Amount: $2,000
    • Description & eligibility: This one-time award provides academic funding to a high school senior in San Joaquin County. Applicants should be interested in pursuing a business degree related to human resources.
    • Deadline: February 3, 2024

    Scarlett Family Foundation Scholarship

    • Amount: up to $30,000
    • Description & eligibility: High school seniors graduating from a high school in middle Tennessee’s 40 counties are eligible. Applicants should be pursuing a business degree as a full-time student next fall. 
    • Deadline: December 15, 2023

    WIIT Scholarships

    • Amount: $1,500
    • Description & eligibility: Each year, the Association of Women in International Trade awards one scholarship to a college junior or senior student who identifies as female. That student should be enrolled in a business program related to international trade.
    • Deadline: April 1, 2024
  • School-Based Scholarships for Business Students

    Business Connect Scholarship

    • Amount: $6,000
    • Description & eligibility: The University of West Alabama provides online students working at specific partner organizations with this scholarship. It includes a discounted tuition rate that totals $6,000 throughout their undergraduate career.
    • Deadline: Automatically considered when applying to the school

    CIAM Scholarships

    • Amount: $2,000 annually
    • Description & eligibility: The California Institute of Advanced Management awards accepted business majors who meet certain academic requirements with a renewable annual scholarship.
    • Deadline: March 29, 2024

    Eller College of Management Scholarships

    • Amount: Up to $25,000 a year
    • Description & eligibility: Current and incoming business students at the University of Arizona are eligible for scholarships through the university’s business school. Award amount and requirements vary by scholarship. 
    • Deadline: January 15, 2024

    Fisher College of Business Scholarships

    • Amount: Varies
    • Description & eligibility: Undergraduate students at Ohio State University are eligible for a variety of scholarships, including some specific to business students. Award amount varies, as there are over 700 scholarships exclusively for business students. 
    • Deadline: February 1, 2024

    Gene and Donna Mallak Scholarship

    • Amount: Varies
    • Description & eligibility: Saginaw Community Foundation presents scholarships each year to current undergraduate students pursuing a degree in business. Applicants should attend Saginaw Valley State University, Davenport University, Delta College, Northwood University, or Central Michigan University.
    • Deadline: February 9, 2024

    Goizueta Scholars Award

    • Amount: Half to full tuition
    • Description & eligibility: Incoming students at Emory University can apply for this four-year scholarship designed for business students. The scholarship includes study abroad support and a half- or full-tuition waiver.
    • Deadline: April 15, 2024

    Hardy (Ben and Linda) Business Scholarship

    • Amount: Varies
    • Description & eligibility: Full-time undergraduate students in the business school at Jacksonville State University are eligible for this award. Award amount varies from year to year. 
    • Deadline: February 1, 2024

    University of Massachusetts Boston Krystle Campbell Scholarship

    • Amount: $5,000
    • Description & eligibility: In memory of Krystle Campbell, a University of Massachusetts alumni who majored in business and died in the Boston Marathon bombing, the school awards $5,000 scholarships to incoming business students each year. University applicants are already considered without an additional application. 
    • Deadline: January 15, 2024

    University of Phoenix Scholarships

    • Amount: $1,000-$3,000
    • Description & eligibility: Online business students at the University of Phoenix are eligible for scholarships ranging from $1,000 to 3,000. There are scholarships available to incoming and current students, and each scholarship has additional requirements.
    • Deadline: December 31, 2023
  • Grants for Business Students

    Center for Women In Technology (CWIT) Scholars Program at UMBC

    • Amount: $5,000-$22,000
    • Description & eligibility: Each year, the University of Maryland, Baltimore County provides female students majoring in business technology administration with a grant, providing a scholarship and mentoring opportunities. The award amount varies and depends on student residency status. 
    • Deadline: January 15, 2024

    Greehey Scholars Program

    • Amount: Full tuition
    • Description & eligibility: First-year business students at St. Mary’s University can apply for this grant. Awardees receive financial funding for tuition, study abroad, and business-related extracurriculars. 
    • Deadline: January 29, 2024

    Study of the U.S. Institute on Civic Engagement

    • Amount: Summer travel and internship funded
    • Description & eligibility: The US Embassy in Spain offers one summer grant each year to an undergraduate student at an American university. As part of the grant, the embassy funds the student’s summer in Spain so they can complete a project related to business leadership and/or environmental management. 
    • Deadline: TBD 2024

Key Ways to Increase Your Chances of Earning a Business Scholarship

After compiling a list of scholarships, it’s time to focus on the important part: successfully applying for these funding opportunities. These five strategies can help your application stand out in the crowded application pool, and help you earn more business scholarships and grants.

  • Highlight Community Involvement & Extracurriculars

    When awarding scholarships, committees like seeing that applicants have made an impact on their community and intend to continue that influence moving forward. Your essays, short answer questions, and list of extracurriculars should demonstrate any commitments you have to your community or field of study. 

    Activities to mention include any volunteer work, membership in community service organizations, and leadership roles you’ve had on campus or in your community. You can also mention any initiatives you’ve started. If, for example, you started a fashion show to raise money to end homelessness or volunteered at a 10K run for cancer prevention, mention these in your application. 

  • Write an Impactful Essay or Personal Statement

    Essays are a great way to show scholarship committees the person behind the GPA and extracurriculars. When writing yours, here are a few ways to make sure they stand out:

    • Craft a well-written and thoughtful piece that addresses the essay prompt directly.
    • Determine what is missing from your application. What can you tell the committee that they can’t find anywhere else in your application?
    • Provide vivid examples and personal anecdotes to illustrate your points. 
    • Use language that “shows” what you did versus “tells” what happened.
    • Edit your essay for clarity first, then for grammar and sentence structure.
  • Showcase What Makes You Unique

    It’s not enough to meet the requirements for a scholarship. Your application is being read with plenty of others that meet the requirements, too. Show the committee why you stand out. 

    Elements that can help your application shine include unique projects you’ve started or participated in, professional goals, or values that you and the scholarship committee share. 

    For example, if you plan to be a financial analyst, you could discuss the trip to Wall Street that sparked your interest in this field. Or, if you volunteer at a local refugee center and plan to study international business as a result, mention that in your application.

  • Source Solid Letters of Recommendation

    Often, scholarships request a letter of recommendation or a recommender’s contact information. Your recommenders speak to your character, abilities, and accomplishments. When asking different teachers, mentors, and work managers to be a recommender, there are a few things you can do to set them (and your application) up for success:

    • Ask early. No one likes a tight deadline, including your recommenders. 
    • Explain the scholarship to your recommender. This lets them understand the context, your financial and career goals, and how they can best showcase your skills.
    • Provide your scholarship essays and short answer questions. Like the previous suggestion, this provides context and so they can fill in the gaps.
    • Write a list of topics they could discuss in their recommendation. While not required, this is a great way to make the process easier for recommenders while clarifying what you hope the letter might achieve. Just make it clear the ideas on the list are optional to mention. 
  • Follow Directions and Submit Early

    For all types of financial aid, it’s best to get your application in early and follow all directions. The latter ensures your competence shines, while the former gives the committee more time to read your submission.

    Life as a high school senior or current college student is busy. Applying for scholarships on top of exams, studying, extracurriculars, and your social life is difficult, and it’s normal for students to miss deadlines.

    To ensure you aren’t part of the missing deadlines crowd, mark all scholarship due dates on a physical planner or virtual calendar. If you want to get applications in early, you can also set personal deadlines that are a week earlier than the official ones.