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Best Online Project Management Degrees

Best Online Project Management Degrees

Discover how to earn your online project management bachelor’s degree through the best programs available. Learn what you’ll pay for these programs, what you’ll learn, and how much you could earn in your profitable project management career.

Just as no airport can function without air traffic control, similarly in business, no work is accomplished without project management. Do you have a desire to direct and align many different projects, often simultaneously, while ensuring each project’s “pilot” follows a clear plan? Do you like to coordinate entire projects, from launch to landing, ensuring a safe and successful outcome is achieved? If so, read on to learn about pursuing an online project management degree, an increasingly in-demand degree trajectory for navigating increasingly crowded business runways.

This guide will introduce you to three of the very best online bachelors in project management degree programs currently available, factoring in quality, affordability, specialization options, and more. Keep reading to see which project management schools ranked highest for 2024 and learn which program is right for you.

Best Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Project Management for 2024

We have ranked the top schools below. Our Rankings Data comes from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES.) Click the About the Ranking link below for more information about our methodology.


    Base Methodology for OnlineColleges.me’s 2024 Online College Rankings

    1. Create List of Eligible Schools and Programs

    To be eligible for this ranking, schools were required to meet the following criteria based on government data provided by The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS).

    • Institutional accreditation from an organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.
    • At least one program in the subject area offered partially or fully online.
    1. Assign Weightings

    After creating the list of eligible schools, OnlineColleges.me data scientists assigned weights and ranked schools based on a mix of affordability, support services, and online program availability metrics. Online program availability and overall affordability metrics received the heaviest weightings.

    Online Program Availability

    • Number of online programs in subject area reported by school to the U.S. Department of Education. Because exact numbers change often and can be difficult to verify, we use a range-based scoring system: 0-5 online programs = 1 star; 6-10 = 2 stars; 11-15 = 3 stars; 16-20 = 4 stars; 21+ = 5 stars. In our design, laptop icons = stars.
    • For degree-specific pages, ex: Psychology degrees, we list the current number of online programs available at that school for that degree type, as self-reported by the schools.


    • Cost – Relative cost of attendance compared to peer schools on the list. Based on tuition and fees per academic year.
    • Students w/ Institutional Aid – Percentage of students who receive financial aid from the school itself.

    Support Services

    • Academic Counseling – Existence of this service on campus or online.
    • Career Placement – Existence of this service on campus or online.

    About Our Data

    OnlineColleges.me’s rankings use the latest official data available from The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). Most recent data pull: January of 2024

  • Ellensburg, WA
    Public $

    Central Washington University’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Administrative Management (ITAM) program has a project management concentration that focuses on building strong skills for use in various sectors, such as the construction, technology, and nonprofit fields. Students take ITAM classes covering administrative management, leadership and supervision, digital systems fundamentals, and customer relationship management. To develop students’ project management skills, the school also requires coursework in performance reporting, project management maturity, and managing project uncertainty.

    Program Highlights:

    Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Administrative Management (Project Management Concentration)

    • Credits: 95-99
    • Length: Four years
    • Cost: $222.49/credit in-state, $824.30/credit out-of-state
    • Mode: Fully online, partially online, on campus
    • Accreditation: NWCCU
  • Las Vegas, NV
    Public $

    When students complete the College of Southern Nevada’s project management bachelor’s degree program, they’re able to handle project costs from start to finish, use relevant tools, and understand the theories that guide the way they work. Students take courses covering organizational change, human resource management, strategic management and policy, and financial accounting. Students choose to enroll in completely online or hybrid versions of the program.

    Program Highlights:

    Bachelor of Applied Science in Project Management

    • Credits: 120
    • Length: Four years
    • Cost: $115.50 or $189.75/credit in-state; $127.25 or $208.50/credit out-of-state
    • Mode: Fully or partially online
    • Accreditation: NWCCU
  • Bemidji, MN
    Public $

    To be admitted into Bemidji State University’s project management bachelor’s degree program, applicants are required to have an associate degree from an accredited college or university with it least 32 credits of coursework related to technology and the building trades. Also, students must have at least 15 credits that satisfy the school’s general education requirements. Once admitted, students take coursework covering quality assurance, applied project management, the principles of real estate, and computer applications for project managers.

    Program Highlights:

    Bachelor of Science in Project Management

    • Credits: 120
    • Length: Four years
    • Cost: $313.55/credit
    • Mode: Fully online
    • Accreditation: HLC
  • Daytona Beach, FL
    Private not-for-profit $$

    Embry‑Riddle Aeronautical University’s project management bachelor’s degree focuses on technical, communication, and leadership skills needed to be a project manager in varied work environments. Students gain the expertise to plan and execute projects from start to finish, make sound decisions throughout the life of a project, solve project problems as they arise, communicate effectively with team members, and work in an ethical manner.

    Program Highlights:

    Bachelor of Science in Project Management

    • Credits: 120
    • Length: Four years
    • Cost: $485/credit
    • Mode: Fully online
    • Accreditation: GAC

Minnesota State University, Moorhead

If you prioritize convenience and flexibility for your project management bachelor’s degree online, these are key features of the Bachelor of Science in Project Management Program at Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM). The program can be completed fully online, on-campus, or as a hybrid of online and in-person. Online courses are asynchronous, allowing students to complete their coursework at those times most accommodating to their own schedules. MSUM also offers several program options, including a four-year complete bachelor’s program for new college students, as well as a 2+2 transfer option for students who have previously completed an AS or AAS degree. And the program offers a Project Management and Health Services double-major option that allows students to earn both degrees by completing an additional six credits.

Another major benefit of MSUM’s BS in Project Management program is cost, with highly affordable tuition rates for both Minnesota and many out-of-state residents. 

Program Highlights:

  • BS in Project Management
  • Credits: 120
  • Length: 4 years
  • Cost (online tuition, not including additional program fees): $294.59 per credit in-state (and North Dakota and Wisconsin residents with reciprocity) | $441.89 per credit Midwest Student Exchange Program students (Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio) | $285.53 per credit South Dakota residents | $589.18 per credit out-of-state (non-resident, non-reciprocity)
  • Mode: Fully online
  • Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission (HLC); PMI Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC)

City University of Seattle

Are you interested in tailoring your degree to fit a particular area of interest within the project management field? If so, you’ll want to consider the Bachelor of Science in Project Management program at the City University of Seattle. The curriculum consists of 90 lower division (including general education) and 90 upper division course credits. Upper division coursework includes 60 credits of core project management courses and a five-credit culminating capstone project, along with 25 credits in one of two emphasis areas: Information Technology or Specialized Study. The Specialized Study emphasis consists of five courses taken in a specific content area chosen by the student and approved by the program’s director. Coursework in the Specialized Study emphasis can be completed through current course offerings, independent study, or developed for a specific organizational or industry setting. The entire program is offered 100% online, with classes delivered in an asynchronous format.

Program Highlights:

Colorado State University Global

Maybe you’re looking for an online education heavy hitter as you pursue your project management bachelor’s degree online. Then consider Colorado State University Global, one of the biggest providers of public online college degree and certificate programs in the U.S. A major focus of CSU Global is on providing programs designed with the full-time working student in mind. A prime example is its Bachelor of Science in Project Management, which features 100% online classes delivered in an asynchronous format. The project management program additionally allows students to add specializations and certificate programs to their 120-credit degree requirement to tailor their courses of study to meet their specific education and career interests. Specialization and certificate fields include, among others, marketing, networking, business administration, information technology operations, and strategic communications.

CSU Global’s tuition rate for online project management bachelor’s degree students is an affordable $350 per credit, regardless of state of residence. There are no additional school or program fees, and the current tuition rate is locked in for as long as the student remains in good academic standing. Several start dates are available throughout the year.

Program Highlights:

What You’ll Learn in Your Online Project Management Degree Program

In the most basic terms, project management degrees online prepare graduates to oversee projects of all shapes and sizes for companies, nonprofit organizations, and public entities in any number of fields, including construction, healthcare, education, IT, human resources, and beyond. In other words, as a project management student, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to manage all aspects of complex projects, shepherding them from initiation to successful completion. Listed below are five foundational topics you’ll cover in your project management bachelor’s degree online program. We’ve also provided descriptions of some of the courses you’ll complete to earn your degree.

Main Topics You’ll Cover

  • Project planning, scheduling, and budgeting
  • Contracts and procurement
  • Risk management
  • Quality management
  • Leadership and team building

Lower Division Curriculum (Years 1 and 2)

The primary academic focus of the first two years of a four-year project management bachelor’s degree online program is the completion of general education coursework, with additional classes that lay a foundation for the project management coursework you’ll undertake in years three and four. Some programs designate these as business core courses. Below are descriptions of five such business core courses similar to those you’ll complete to prepare for your major-specific third-and-fourth-year studies:

Common Courses

  • Business Law: This is an introduction to the fundamentals of American legal jurisprudence and its impact on business practices. Subjects covered include the Constitution, administrative law, tort law, criminal law, property rights, corporate governance, employment law, and more. Students also gain an understanding of the various business entity forms (corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, etc.).
  • Financial Accounting: You’ll learn the foundational concepts and practices involved in the financial accounting process. Emphasis is placed on the preparation, analysis, and use of financial statements in business decision-making. Some topics include accounting terminology, assets and liabilities, business ownership, and stockholder equity.
  • Introduction to Business Information Technology: This class focuses on where information technology and business management intersect, particularly on the design, planning, implementation, and evaluation of information systems. Specific topics include hardware and software system components, system operations basics, and emerging trends in information technology. 
  • Operations Management: You’ll be introduced to the use of productive systems in business management. Specific areas studied include organizational leadership and performance, staff management and employee engagement, communications, organizational behavior, and conflict resolution.
  • Principles of Marketing: This course examines the underlying theories and practices related to the marketing function of a business enterprise. Focus is given to the “Four P’s” of marketing: product, price, promotion, and place. Specific topics include consumer behavior, product branding and placement, advertising and promotions, market research, and digital and social media marketing.

Upper Division Curriculum (Years 3 and 4)

The academic focus in the third and fourth years of your online project management degree program shifts to advanced major-specific core coursework like the five courses described below. Years three and four will also include specialization courses and electives that will allow you to tailor your studies to fit your unique interests within the larger project management field. Students in some online project management programs (like those at Northeastern University and CSU Global, spotlighted above) will additionally complete a culminating capstone project.

Common Courses

  • Cost and Scheduling Management: Learn about the tools and techniques employed in the effective and efficient scheduling and cost management of complex projects. Specific topics covered include needs assessment, budgeting, financing, cash flow, supply chain management, and resolving potential cost/schedule overruns.
  • Procurement Management: This class examines the management practices and procedures required for maximizing value in the acquisition of goods and services used throughout the project completion process. Areas of focus include sourcing and vendor selection, quality assessment, contracting and negotiation, and risk management.
  • Project Leadership: You’ll study the scope, strategy, and styles of organizational leadership employed throughout the project management process. Included is an examination of the roles and responsibilities (legal, ethical, and otherwise) of project managers in leading teams to meet project objectives.
  • Risk Management: This course investigates positive and negative aspects of the risks inherent to project management. Students are introduced to methods used in assessing, measuring, and responding to risks related to project costs, scheduling, and performance. Specific topics include risk identification, quantification, and allocation.
  • Quality Management: In this class, you’ll learn about quality concepts and procedures for the enhancement of goods and services, as well as the overall business environment. Topics include quality planning, control, and assurance; process improvement; effective communication; team building; and employee empowerment.

Admissions: Getting into a Top Online Project Management Degree Program

In most cases, admission requirements for the top project management bachelor’s degree online programs are the same as the general requirements for all undergraduate applicants seeking admission at that school. While specifics vary from school to school, you’ll likely find requirements similar to the following: 

  • High school diploma: As you might expect, online project management bachelor’s programs require applicants to hold a high school diploma or GED. The academic backgrounds of international students are typically considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Additional requirements for first-year college students: Top-tier schools often have additional admission requirements for first-year students. These may include meeting a minimum cumulative GPA or SAT/ACT scores, completion of specific high school courses, and completion of a minimum number of years of post-high school work experience. 
  • Additional requirements for transfer students: Students with a given number of previously earned college credits are typically considered transfer students. Admission requirements for transfer students include meeting a stated minimum cumulative GPA on all college coursework (instead of high school coursework). In most cases, transfer students are not required to submit SAT or ACT scores. 
  • Additional application materials: Additional submission requirements may include a statement of purpose or personal statement, letters of recommendation, or current resume. International students may be required to provide proof of English proficiency commonly in the form of TOEFL or IELTS test scores.

Because specific admission requirements vary, be sure to carefully review the requirements for any program you consider before applying.

Paying for Your Online Project Management Degree: Costs and Financial Aid

Deciding to earn a college degree is one thing; paying for that degree is quite another. That’s why the vast majority of prospective online project management degree students take a two-prong approach to making college affordable — first by identifying a degree program that’s both high-quality and affordable through some comparison shopping, the second through researching financial aid options. 

To help you with that first prong, we’ve listed in the chart below the current tuition rates for five online project management bachelor’s programs. You’ll notice that these rates vary — sometimes a lot — from program to program. Common factors impacting cost include whether a program is offered by a public or private school (private programs are often more expensive than public programs) and whether you’re a resident or non-resident of the school’s home state (some public schools charge a higher tuition rate to out-of-state residents). Note also that these are tuition rates only and do not include additional costs such as school and program fees, the cost of books and supplies, etc. Bearing all of that in mind, a rough estimate of the total cost of an online project management bachelor’s degree today is somewhere between $40,000 and $70,000.

School NameSchool TypeTotal CreditsIn-StateOut-of-State
Bellevue UniversityPrivate not-for-profit127$440/credit$440/credit
DeVry UniversityPrivate for-profit120$514/credit$514/credit
Northeastern UniversityPrivate not-for-profit120$541/credit$541 credit
Southern New Hampshire UniversityPrivate not-for-profit120$320/credit$320/credit
University of KansasPublic120$485/credit$485/credit

As mentioned, the second prong in financing your college education is finding financial aid. There’s good news on that front. All of the most popular types of financial aid are available to qualifying online project management bachelor’s degree students. These include scholarships and grants (program-based and otherwise), employer tuition reimbursement opportunities, VA benefits (for military personnel), and possibly even work-study programs. 

And, of course, there’s the most common source of all: the student loan, including those available through Federal Student Aid. Some online project management degree programs offer financial aid opportunities specifically for students in that program. An example is Minnesota State University – Moorhead (spotlighted above), which currently offers a number of scholarships exclusively for current and incoming project management students.

For more on funding your college education, be sure to visit OnlineColleges.me’s Financial Aid: Your Guide to Paying for College.

FAQs About Earning Your Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management Online

  • Are online project management degree programs offered 100% online?

    You’ll find during your program search that the majority of project management degrees online are offered 100% online, and that many of those programs feature asynchronous coursework. That means students can access and complete their assignments, readings, lectures, etc., at those times most convenient to their personal schedules. You’ll also find that schools offering both online and on-campus formats will often allow online students to attend some classes in-person if they wish to do so. Online students may also have the option to come to campus to participate in instructor office hours as well as study groups or meetups with fellow project management students.

  • What can you do with a bachelor’s degree in project management?

    As a recent project management bachelor’s degree online graduate, you’ll likely take an assisting role within one organization (for example, working as a purchasing agent with a construction company), or working on a discrete project (with a job title like assistant project manager). With work experience, project management graduates advance into leadership roles supervising entire projects and teams in individual companies or with project consulting firms. We’ve listed here five common job titles for project management professionals. Along with the career titles listed in the employment outlook chart below, they offer just a sample of the career paths open to you with your project management degree.

    • Cost analyst
    • Operations supervisor
    • Procurement manager
    • Project consultant
    • Project manager
  • Is earning a project management degree worth it?

    If you’re looking for a career with an attractive salary in an in-demand field, consider the following: According to current figures from Payscale.com, the average base salary (i.e., not including bonuses and other additional forms of compensation) for BS in Project Management degree holders is $77,000. That’s $8,000 more annually than for bachelor’s degree holders generally, and more than $30,000 more annually than the average for all occupations (according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). As for job security, this 2021 report from the Project Management Institute estimates that the global economy will need 25 million new project professionals (project managers and all changemakers) by 2030 to meet global demands.

    For more on the value of a project management degree, be sure to check out the section on employment outlook below.

  • What accreditation should I look for in a project management degree program?

    There are two basic types of accreditations you’ll be looking at when considering online project management degree programs. The first type is institutional accreditation, which has to do with the academic quality of postsecondary institutions taken as a whole. This is administered by several independent accrediting agencies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. The second accreditation type is programmatic accreditation, which concerns the vetting of individual degree programs. The primary accreditor of U.S.-based project management degree programs is the Project Management Institute’s Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC). You can check current programmatic accreditation status using GAC’s Directory of Accredited Project Management Programs.

  • How long does it take to earn a bachelor’s degree in project management?

    As with most undergraduate degree programs, online project management bachelor’s students should expect to commit to four years of full-time study for the completion of all their degree requirements. However, some programs (like the MSUM program spotlighted above) allow for generous transfer of previously earned college credits, allowing students to complete their degree requirements in less time. Some programs may also allow online students more than four years to complete their studies, but don’t assume this. If you have any questions about completion time requirements, be sure to contact the program you’re considering before you enroll.

  • Will an online project management degree prepare me for PMP certification or other professional certifications?

    There are numerous professional certifications available to project management professionals, each with its own sponsoring association and award requirements. Examples (among many others) include:

    Likely the most well known of all project management professional certifications is PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP). Earning your bachelor’s degree in project management online will put you well on your way to meeting the PMP certification requirements, but there are other qualifications as well; you’ll need to complete 36 months (within the past eight years) of work experience in project leadership; 35 hours of project management training (through courses offered by PMI-authorized training partners); and pass the PMP Certification exam.

Employment Outlook with a Project Management Degree

As we noted earlier, both earnings potential and job growth are strong for professionals in the project management field. To give you a clearer picture of what the career outlook is like for project management degree graduates, here are current Bureau of Labor Statistics earnings and job growth figures for five common occupations for project management degree-holders. Bear in mind that these are general figures. What you actually earn in your project management job will depend on several variables, including your specific job title, years of work experience, and your geographic location.

CareerMedian Annual Earnings (2021)Job Growth (2020-2030)
Construction Manager$98,89011.5%
Management Analyst$93,00013.7%
Operations Manager$97,9709.4%
Project Management Specialist$94,5005.6%
Purchasing Manager$127,1506.2%

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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